Top 10 Songs About Tea

   Tea is the most popular beverage (after water) in the world.  It has tons of health benefits and can wake you up more gently than coffee.  Whole subcultures have arisen around it, and the preparation of tea sometimes takes on a religious ceremonial quality.  Countless recording artists have sung its praises.  Brew yourself a pot and get ready to hear my picks for the top ten songs about tea.

#10.  Tea by Sam Brown

Sam Brown has had a long, diverse, and successful music career in the UK.  This track isn't her best work, but it would certainly top a list of weirdest or even shortest songs about tea... so here it is at number ten.


#9. Flying Teapot by Gong

Aaaaand we go from the shortest to the longest. I decided it was better to have one list than to have ten different categories with one entry each. This track is by psychedilic rock outfit Gong, which in addition to longest could have been number one for trippiest.  They manage to include many styles including ambient, funk, free jazz, dub, and freak out in a song that I'm not entirely sure is actually about tea.  Unless it's mushroom tea.  Enjoy.


#8. Tea by Brendan Benson

Most well known for his work with the Raconteurs, Michigan native Brendan Benson led his 1996 debut album with this charming little ditty, shown here with a fan video.


#7. When I Take My Sugar To Tea by Leon Redbone

This tin-pan alley hit from 1931 is about a man whose new sweetheart is too high class to take to a gin joint.  It has been recorded by many artists, including Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, but I went with the weirdo Canadian.


#6. Tea for Two by Doris Day

If you ask most people to name a "song about tea" off the top of their head, chances are this is what they'll say.  There are countless versions of this song out there (if you want ridiculous, look up Tiny Tim's version). But this is the defining version from the 1950 film of the same name, sung by the inimitable Doris Day (sigh!).

#5. Time for Tea by Madness

In the States, Madness is mostly known as "that band that did Our House."  But they're British, so it's not surprising that they have a song about tea, since the UK is where tea comes from.*

* not really.

#4. Afternoon Tea by The Kinks

Not just another British band with an obligatory tea song, the Kinks bring their signature infectious rhythm to the subject at hand.  It may not be as well known as Lola or Superman, but it's no less good.


#3. Tea by King Diamond

King Diamond (or as my two-year-old calls him, "Spooky King Diamond") is the progenitor and prime example of the Black Metal genre.  You can't call yourself a King without being the master.  Fair disclosure: the number two slot certainly shows my bias toward the bizarre and macabre, but how can you not love a song about a possessed teapot that invokes demons when you steep tea with your mother's blood?  It's OK, though, because he's doing it with his grandma and sister...


#2. Time For Tea by Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn, in addition to being a model and an author who wrote a novel while incarcerated in a mental health ward (there's my bias again), is a popular music artist in the Steampunk Industrial genre.  This track gets the number two spot partly because it's awesome, but also for the line "somewhere it's always time for tea." Bonus points for the twist on Klingon culture: Revenge is a dish best served NOW!

#1. Katie's Tea by Camille

Finishing the list with something a little more conventional is Camille-- one of those singers so good and so famous that they only need one name.  If you've never heard of her, you're obviously not French.  Of all the songs on the list, this is the one that actually mentions brands and blends of tea, and includes the true aficionado's line: "tea runs in my veins."

I hope you enjoyed my little list.  And now that it's done, you probably need to refill your teapot.