Random Reality

Shake up your choices, and shuffle your fate

Free will is an illusion. We are all slaves to our own brain chemistry. Your decisions are a product of your genetic makeup and your past experiences; the feeling of choosing is nothing more than a compelling illusion.  Random Reality will set you free by teaching you how to add a random element to your decisions, which will boost your creativity, assist with problem solving, lead you into unexpected adventures and accelerate self-development.* End the tyranny of yourself, and step into a life of random adventure!

If you want to get technical (which you probably don't), Random Reality is defined as the use of random number generation (such as rolling dice) or random sortilege (such as shuffling cards) in situations that are not generally considered games.  Example: when considering what restaurant to go to, make a list of six possibilities, roll a die, and go to the restaurant indicated.**

I could tell you a lot more about it, but I'd rather get you to buy my inexpensive e-book which gives an overview of the history of randomness, its use in gaming and non-gaming situations, examples of specific choices you can make, and hints about how to expand the practice into every area of your life.  People who practice Random Reality often become more creative, more adaptive, more fun, and more popular.*

So go buy my book and get in touch when you want to talk about how awesome your life has become due to Random Reality.

* results not guaranteed

** re-rolls or any other type of "do-over" are emphatically prohibited


Magister Freud presenting on Random Reality