Hypnosis to support pain management


Chronic pain affects 1.5 billion people worldwide. Pain ordinarily alerts us to the presence of injury or other damage to our bodies—but chronic pain can persist long after we have become aware of the cause. This is pain that is no longer useful. Unnecessary pain can negatively impact our careers, leisure activities, relationships, and emotional state.

How hypnosis can help

Pain is a uniquely subjective experience. Our perception of it makes all the difference. There are many sensations we experience, but simply ignore because they aren’t relevant. For example, you are probably not usually aware of your breathing until someone mentions it. Similarly, you aren’t typically aware of the feeling of the surfaces supporting your body until your attention is called to them. Hypnosis can direct attention away from unnecessary pain, which can allow us to focus on our goals, our relationships, and other pleasant experiences. Hypnosis is a scientifically verified way to reduce or eliminate pain.

What is hypnosis like?

Unlike what you see in the movies, hypnosis is not a loss of control.  Hypnosis is the deliberate use of communication to guide the subject into a natural state of concentration and imagination.  Hypnotized subjects usually retain full awareness during a session; there is no "blackout" or loss of memory.  Hypnosis is different for everyone, and many subjects report feeling calm, comfortable, curious, and even energized.  Won't it be interesting to find out what hypnosis is like for you?

About Misha


Misha Tuesday has been using hypnotic techniques to change people's lives for over 20 years.  Trained in hypnosis at the University of Toronto by one of the world's top trainers, Misha is certified as a consulting hypnotist, and ready to help you live your best life.  


DISCLAIMER: Hypnosis is a complementary practice and is not a substitute for medical care