Mad Scientist of the Mind

Misha presents the illusion of psychic abilities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and even psychokinesis. An interactive and engaging show, presented with humor and lightheartedness.  The volunteers will discover powers they never knew they had!  Mad Scientist of the Mind can run from 10 to 60 minutes, and can be combined with a hypnosis show or strolling entertainment for a full evening program.  Callbacks to trainings or other messages can be incorporated.

Presenting small-scale illusions and mysterious mental powers, Magister Freud's Mystery Show has great broad-spectrum appeal for all.  The Magister uses ordinary items to make the extraordinary happen.  The show can run from 10-60 minutes, and can be paired with a strolling set if more time is needed. Any custom theme or message can be incorporated into the act.


Magic + Mystery Show

For the best variety, Misha offers a diverse show featuring magic and illusion, with a bit of mind reading, presented with lots of humor and audience participation.  Family-friendly and suitable for all ages.  Can be presented on stage or strolling, and can be customized to fit any event theme.  Great for parties and receptions.


For large events, such as fairs, receptions, or trade shows, Misha Tuesday performs magic, mind reading, or hypnosis close-up--in small groups or table-to-table.  Misha makes the impossible happen, right in the hands of your attendees.  The focus is always on humor and engagement, making your event unforgettable.  Strolling entertainment is a great icebreaker, giving colleagues and acquaintances a shared experience based on curiosity and wonder.

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