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Misha Tuesday makes any occasion more magical and memorable. On stage, in your parlour, or mingling with a crowd, Misha provides an interactive and engaging experience with humor and lots of audience participation, creating memories that can last a lifetime.

For corporate events, Misha is an excellent icebreaker, giving attendees a shared experience based on curiosity and wonder. He can also add impact to trade show booths and product launches.


Mystic Nights

Misha presents the strange abilities of the mind, including telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and hypnotic influence. An interactive and engaging show, presented with humor and lightheartedness.  The volunteers will discover powers they never knew they had!  Mystic Nights can run from 10 to 60 minutes, and can be combined with a hypnosis show or strolling entertainment for a full evening program.  

Full Hypnosis Show

Misha’s full hypnosis set turns your guests into the stars of the show! Using audience volunteers, Misha creates fun and amusing scenes and skits that never put anyone in any danger. Misha’s show is family-friendly, empowering, and fun, full of appropriate humor and excitement. No one will be embarrassed and everyone will be left feeling refreshed and revitalized.



For large events, such as fairs, receptions, or trade shows, Misha Tuesday performs magic, mind reading, or hypnosis close-up--in small groups or table-to-table.  Misha makes the impossible happen, right in the hands of your attendees.  The focus is always on humor and engagement, making your event unforgettable.  Strolling entertainment is a great icebreaker, giving colleagues and acquaintances a shared experience based on curiosity and wonder.

Fortune Telling

Misha’s readings are unlike any other. His hypnotic energy techniques focus on the positive and equip guests to overcome challenges and create their best possible future. Unlike many readers, Misha can create impact in a short time, avoiding lengthy lines and ensuring that everyone who wants a reading gets one.

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